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After a month-long trial, Constable Zachary Rolfe was found not guilty of murdering 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker.

In 2019, Constable Rolfe and his partner went to arrest Mr Walker following reports he’d threatened police with an axe a few days earlier. Mr Walker resisted arrest and stabbed Constable Rolfe in the shoulder with a pair of scissors. Constable Rolfe then shot Mr Walker 3 times and he died a short time later. Simon Creek, from HHG Legal Group, joined Mike to share his thoughts on this case. “There are no winners, not at all. Constable Rolfe’s life has been changed forever and the Walker Family have lost a love one.”

“In my humble opinion, it would never be fair to any individual Australian police officer or not to effectively twist the outcome of a case involving that individual to serve what some are saying might be a higher good…as in (this case) bringing an end to deaths in custody.”

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