Simon Creek: School Board/P&C’s…Get into it!

Thursday, July 22, 2021 12:30 pm
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Image courtesy of Fox Media

An incident at a school in the US State of Virginia has prompted an urgent reminder for Aussie parents, to seriously consider joining their school P&C or School board. (Enter bias point here) Other than getting to have an awesome time alongside other parents at P&C run events!

A 14-year-old girl criticized her School for a policy that would allow students to use the change room that matched the gender they identified with. Jolene Grover said, “letting boys use girls locker rooms, puts female students in danger.”

Jolene approached the school after it back-flipped on it’s decision from 2 years ago. The School had promised it would NOT allow boys into the girls’ locker rooms.

HHG Legal Group CEO Simon Creek chatted with Weekdays on the importance of parents joining the School P&C or School board.

“For me growing up it (P&C) was all about fundraising and cake stalls but today we just seem to have entered a more complex arena. As a result P&C committees can play a valuable role in checking the policies and decisions the school wants to make on really big issues like same sex toilets and a raft of other other issues that I think are very contentious today.”- Simon 

It’s WA P&C Day Friday 23rd July. A great time to join or celebrate the achievements of your local P&C!

Listen to the whole conversation with Simon below.

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