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The City of Fremantle Youth Network recently called for expressions of interest from Drag Queens and Kings, to participate as paid performers in an “all ages” Drag Show which is coming up in September.

Listener Chris is concerned about the damage this may cause to the younger generation. “We accept the right for people to express themselves. But if it’s harming others that is where I think the line in the sand gets crossed.” Listener Dave participates in drag events but doesn’t believe it is something children should be exposed to. “It’s the over-sexualisation of women and we are trying to draw it on our face with the caked-up makeup. To be showing kids this over-sexualised dressing up, dancing around half naked is something that I don’t see sane people agreeing with as a healthy thing to do for children.”

You can listen to Chris and Dave’s full opinion below.

Simon Creek, from HHG Legal Group, joined Mike to explain the legal aspect of what children should or shouldn’t be exposed to.

The law is on the opposing side but there are no specific references in legislation that address drag queen presentations. “There is some grey there and that grey in my view is being exploited.” In our law, there is a heavy emphasis on not exposing children to something that could be exploitative or damage them. “It’s why we have R18+ classifications on films. We’ve always been careful as a society to put ages on the maturity of a child, as to when they can and can’t do certain things.” 

The whole body of our legal system recognises that you have to be mature enough to understand and make decisions about certain things. “Bypassing that by holding these things in a seemingly innocent, nice looking environment is a back door approach in my personal view to getting around the law and to effectively making an impression on children at an age where they are not old enough to comprehend.” 

Do you think an all ages drag show is appropriate for children? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat with Simon Creek below.

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