Simon Creek: Mandatory Workplace Vaccination

Thursday, August 12, 2021 11:44 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

WA police staff that have not received at least one Covid vaccination, will be forced to wear masks at work. The police commissioner described the vaccination rates in the force as “unacceptably low” and vowed to enforce drastic changes.

Simon Creek from HHG Legal Group, joined Mike on Weekdays to talk about mandatory workplace vaccination. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, said legislations won’t be made for mandatory vaccination and has allocated the responsibility to the business sector. “The law is not going to change. It’s now going to simply be interpreted in a pandemic context.” This means every business and organisation has to make their own decision. On one hand It can be difficult to make a judgement call without a template or guide to follow. But it does allow exemptions for some people who can explain why they can’t get vaccinated or disclose their vaccination status.

Simon Creek also added the law surrounding mandatory drug testing and mandatory vaccination is the same. “All employers have to take lawful steps to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and that includes putting in place a testing policy. But it also means looking at whether there are exemptions and making a big judgement call…It got to be done in a way that is not just reasonable and lawful, but is also not discriminatory”

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