Simon Creek Grew Up Listening to 98five

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 4:51 pm
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Simon Creek, from HHG Legal Group, is a regular guest on Weekdays where he offers his professional opinion on a range of different topics.radiothon

But today he joined us for Radiothon and shared what he loves about 98five! “I can relax here because I’m being asked for authenticity above all. In the law, in business, with my faith, with listeners. There is nothing more fun than that.”

Simon Creek’s Dad was an early supporter, so he grew up listening to 98five. He saw us grow and develop in the Western Australian community. Although Christianity has been negatively portrayed he appreciates that we continue to spread the truth.

“I love getting the feedback and hearing people who have no connection to the Christianity church complement Sonshine on its positivity. And the way in which it does talk about Christianity without judgment, comparison and fear.”

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