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Every Wednesday Mel & Jeziel catch up on the last week and share something they’ve learned in the last 7 days for Show and Tell. Whether it be a mind-blowing moment or a small ah-uhhh moment, they bring it to the family to share what they’ve learnt.

This week Mel learnt about a very cool room that she wishes she could visit. It’s a room that is so deafeningly quiet it was recently awarded a Guinness World Record. It’s called an anechoic room because there are absolutely no echos. This space is so quiet that you can hear your heartbeat, the ringing of blood in your ears and even your bones grinding against each other!


To create this soundless space, the room was built like a concrete onion. With six layers of concrete and steel sitting on top of vibration damping springs. Inside, fibreglass wedges cover every surface to break up sound waves before they have a chance to bounce back into the room. The floor itself is simply a grid of sound-absorbing suspended cables.

the anechoic room show n tell

The Anechoic Room

Mel would love to visit and experience this room but it’s sadly not open to the public. If it was, would you try it out?

So now you ask “what did Jeziel learn this week?”

Well, did you know that ‘ketchup’ was used as medicine?

Way back in the 1800’s Dr John Cooke Bennet added tomatoes to ‘ketchup’ which was previously used as a fish-seasoning sauce. The addition of tomatoes to the sauce meant it was full of vitamins and antioxidents. Which Dr Bennet claimed could cure, diarrhoea, jaundice, indigestion and rheumatism. The doctor had his sauce made into “extract of tomato” pills and once they hit the market, a flood of copy cats followed. However, these copy cats were just selling laxatives with no medicinal properties. This caused the medicinal-ketchup-empire to prematurely collapse in 1850.

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