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Shannon joins The Brekky Show every Wednesday morning at 8am as our resident Mum Lyfe correspondent! She’s here to share the good, the bad and the ugly as she parents her 3 sons with her hubby Dave.

Have you ever been at the shops and been really tempted to not return your trolley? In amongst the coronavirus toilet paper madness Shannon had no choice but to brave the hordes of panic buyers.

“Heaven forbid you need toilet paper because you have a family of three sons when everyone is doomsday shopping.”

After putting her trolley away Shannon thought to herself “I always put my trolley away!”

But why do we do this when trolleys have such fantastic uses? Should you return your shopping trolley?

Shannon recounted her experience at the ACDC festival ‘Highway to Hell’ with her three boys. After her youngest started whinging about the walk, she happened upon a trolley outside someone’s house.

The trolley quickly turned bus as Shannon loaded her children in. Rocking and rolling with the trolley made Shannon rethink the orthodoxy of trolley etiquette.

Family has their say

Kirsty Mike and Corey then opened up the phones to ask what the family thought about this moral dilemma. Ava from Lesmurdie called in to say that her Dad owns an independent grocer and stolen trolleys are a big cost to the business

“It costs us a lot of money so you should definitely return them.”

“When one gets taken, we don’t really know where they’ve been.”

Lani called in to say she believes in returning the trolley to where it belongs. She instils in her children the responsibility to put something back after taking it and not leaving the area messy.

For Jessica from Singleton it’s all about distance of the trolley bay to the car.

“If I have three little children in a car and it’s a hot day, there’s no chance I’m walking two rows away when I can leave it safely on an island. I’m not going to leave the keys in the car with it on and walk away.”

Christine from Myaree promotes the Victorian principle of chaining trolleys together, with a coin needed to unlock.

“The problem with that though is if you’re caught with no change in your wallet.”

Should you return your shopping trolley? Or are they far too useful to ever leave in a shopping centre? Have your say and let us know on Facebook!

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