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Jake Maddock has coined himself as “Australia’s Tough Love Relationship Expert”. Jake is a well-known content creator on Tiktok where he makes videos answering relationship questions submitted by his 415,000 followers. He claims that he has achieved a “10/10 relationship” and has revealed the recipe to relationship success.

‘There was a good ten-year period in my life that was pure hell because I didn’t understand relationships at all,’ he said speaking to FEMAIL. ‘So, I decided to learn about and become a master at them. After years of studying under mentors and reading books and putting information into practice, I achieved a 10/10 relationship,’ he added.

Apparently, it all starts with who pays for and plans the date. According to Jake, it should be the man, every time.

@coachjakemaddock The man should plan, exucute and pay for the date #jakemaddock ♬ original sound – Jake Maddock

Jake says women need to embrace their feminine energy and follow a man’s lead. While men need to step into the masculine and take charge of the relationship. Of course, this ignited a fierce debate online. Lucky for you, Jeziel did the hard work and counted up all the opposing views and comments.

He found that:

33% agreed with Jake: Yes, they need to prove their masculinity!
20% disagreed: No, if the woman’s interested she can plan a date!
47% said: I think it needs to be 50/50 when it comes to effort and expense!

What do you think, should the man pay for every date? Send us a message or DM us on socials!

Have a listen to Jeziel’s conversation around this topic:

Please note, Jake Maddock has uploaded hundreds of relationship advice videos, we haven’t watched them all so we can’t vouch for his advice. But we highly recommend listening and reading to  Pastor Phil Ayres’ Hitched segments on the Drive Show if you’re looking for some relationship and marriage wisdom.

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