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Should Parents be given a second round of Maternity Leave when their kids hit the Teen years?

Why is parental leave only available for new-borns? Why not another round when our kids hit their teens? Parental leave is available to mothers and fathers, so it’s not only about breastfeeding and ‘mothering’, crucially it’s about bonding.

Undoubtedly infants need this. But, the second most important period in a child’s development is when they become teenagers. Keeping them balanced and safe in these formative years would benefit from the presence of a parent.

With the government unlikely to stump-up for the cost, how do we take personal responsibility for this and make our own arrangements? Tahnee Sharp, Managing Director of the Marketing Room, shared some helpful tips with Mike on how parents and businesses can work together to make this happen.

“We’re still in the midst of this pandemic that has shown people really value the flexibility to their work lifestyle and it’s so important now and so it’s important when the kids are teenagers as well to have that flexibility to be there.”

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