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At the time of writing this article, it’s looking increasingly likely that our hard work has paid off. Well, I say hard work, for a lot of us, lockdown has primarily been a holiday on the couch. Hard work it may not be, but it certainly is important!

public holiday

To recognise this… important work (plus the actual hard work done by many essential workers and firefighters over this time) Brekky had an idea. To set the tone for this idea, imagine you’re hanging around Perth in 1948 and someone suggests taking the first Monday in March off work for “Labour day”. Similarly, imagine you were knocking about the Swan River Colony in 1832 and Captain Stirling proposed June 1 be a day of celebration for the colony. It’s with same feeling of historical occasion that we present to you…


*Name TBA

That’s right, in honour of our state’s wonderful performance this week, we feel that a public holiday is a fitting reward. The only problem, clearly, is the name. Kirste and Dan couldn’t quite settle on one. Themes of unity, community, togetherness, and of course donuts, got us close, but we couldn’t quite settle on one.

Luckily, the 98five family had some suggestions on the text line:

“Give me 5!” – Sandy

“I think we should call it Together day. Especially because everyone has worked together to help people with the fires as well as Lockdown” – Duncan

“Freedom from COVID donut day” – JennieĀ 

David took the idea one step further: “Oh I have it!! Maybe today needs to be the new Australia Day – but instead of lamb….. donuts!”

So, what do you reckon? Is a week of lockdown a good enough excuse for another public holiday? And if so, what do we call it?

Hear Kirste and Dan’s full proposal below:


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