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Photo / Peter Meecham

Tony Eades, Business Re-thinker and Strategist, joined Mike to discuss how the way we shop is changing.

The way we shop at the supermarket is being dragged out of the dark ages as businesses re-think how to harness new technology. Most shoppers still prefer browsing the aisles and filling their trolley, but no-one likes queueing at the checkout! AI is tackling this in New Zealand, where one supermarket is trialling a SMARTCART, which scans and charges the item to your account as you drop it in your basket.

Forget Click-n-Collect how about Chat-n-Collect? Coles is experimenting with a device called ‘Hiku’, which allows shoppers to simply say what they want and have it delivered to them directly. Sick of supermarket veggies from cold storage? Hydroponics is coming to a store near you. In Berlin, the Metro chain has their greens growing inside their store, in glowing modular boxes ready for you to pick!

Do your prefer to shop online or in store? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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