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Partners of expectant mothers are being called on to donate blood to help the one in five pregnant women who need life-saving blood products.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service estimates more than 58,000 Aussie mums need donated blood during pregnancy or birth each year. 

Their new initiative – She Gives Birth, You Give Blood – launches on Mother’s Day and was developed in response to feedback that partners of pregnant women feel helpless during pregnancy.   

The Red Cross says it is an exciting time for new parents, but sometimes partners can experience feelings of helplessness and donating blood is an easy way to support their partner during pregnancy.

Every year, close to 53,000 pregnant women receive a blood product called Anti-D, which prevents a blood type incompatibility and ensures the safe arrival of their baby.

A further 5,200 Aussie mums will require a transfusion of blood and blood products at the time of birth.

To help meet the ongoing need for blood, the Blood Service is encouraging partners of expectant mothers to donate three times during pregnancy – once every trimester.

The Red Cross wants to ensure  blood is always available so that all mums get the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

To make an appointment to donate blood call 13 14 95 or visit

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