Why we need to share our purpose with others

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 10:57 am
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Jodii Maguire from Think! Performance Psychology joins The Breakfast Show to help us on the journey of finding purpose.



Do we find purpose in the big things in life? Is it in the small stuff? In work or is it in hobbies? This term we’ve been talking a lot about how to find our purpose, but today Jodii spoke about how important it is to share our purpose.

We’ve got to find ways to engage and share with other people our purpose.

A few weeks ago, Jodii encouraged Corey to start working on what he believes his purpose is, writing. Today she checked in on his progress.

“Yep, about a month ago I told you I what I feel like I’m meant to do is write,” said Corey. “I bet you can already guess, I haven’t started on my ideas.”

“That’s exactly what I expected!” replied Jodii. “Life does get busy and it takes a while for us to kick these goals into action.”

But when we share our purpose, it adds a bit of ‘reality’ to it.

So now that we know Corey wants to write, we can ask him about it, so Corey has a way to engage with it. It gives us motivation and accountability.

So when we share our purpose or what we want to achieve, we can energise other people. We can help people to also think about engaging with the world of possibilities and meaning.

Jodii’s purpose in life is to help other people live the best life they can while showing kindness and compassion in the world. One of the ways I try to do that is to include it in my daily conversations, by asking people ‘how they are’, looking deeply into their eyes and talking about the response they give. That’s how I share my purpose in the world.

Some people like to share things that represent their purpose and believes on Facebook!

“We can do it! We can incorporate it into our daily living, ur conversations, social media, our food, the way we cook for our family and set our table. There are really simple ways to share meaning and purpose.”

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