Who could you give a Share Hope Shoutout to?

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 11:26 am
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Last Friday, Morro went into hospital to get his other cataract removed. He was checked in early in the morning and waited all day for his surgery. 5 or 6 hours, sitting in bed in a little blue gown, with nothing to do gave fiercely active Morro a splitting headache. The lady sitting opposite him was waiting to get her first cataract removed. She’s obviously a real extrovert because she struck up a conversation with Moz. Not a word of a lie she said “I listen to this radio station, and they go overseas to help poor people get their cataracts removed.”



Morro is super surprised at this point (in the best kind of way.) This lady is talking about the CBM Miracle’s Day trips that The Brekky Team go on every year!

So he plays along for a little bit and asks which radio station it is, and eventually tells her that he’s Morro from the Brekky Show, and he, in fact, went on that overseas trip she was talking about. So they ended up having a really lovely conversation and Morro got to meet Gale’s husband, Mark, who just started listening to 98five.

“and he was a gift from the Lord!”

It turns out, Mark is just as much a sports nut as Morro is, so they got to talk all kind of sports and have a good old yarn.

So Morro wants to give a huge shout out to Mark and Gale. They gave Morro hope, in the distraction from his crackin’ headache and the relief of the boredom and wait of the day, as they made the last few hours fly by!

“and we want the family to get around this!”

Because it’s Share Hope Month here at 98five, we want you family, to get around this!  Who can you give a Share Hope Shoutout to? Is there someone out there that shared hope with you? Or someone you know could use a little hope? Let us know so we can encourage and appreciate them alongside you.

Declan, Lansdale “I want to shoutout to my best friend Caitlin, I just want to say thank you for being there for me through my darkest and through my brightest. I’m always thinking about her. I’ve been through a rough patch a couple of times but she’s always brought me out of it.”

Anna-lee from Butler, “I want to share hope to my daughter, she had a very tough year of health and also studies and everything. She had to forfeit her studies due to her health. She’s so much better now, that she can actually start playing rugby again.”

Eloise from Kalamunda “my own is a big one, about 3 years ago I wasn’t doing too well health-wise. The chaplain at my kids’ school, Janina, was my guardian angel. As she is to many other kids and parents at the school. She is, unfortunately, going through her own rough health patch. So I’m doing a hope shoutout on behalf of 453 students to her. We miss her, we want her to get better and we hope to see her next term!” 

Andrew from High Wycombe “I want to give a shoutout to my friend Amber, she’s loved me and believed in me. A few years ago I was in a bad place, in Shalom House. When I left she believed in me and loved me and helped me get back on my feet. I’ve never been better than I am now, because of her. Thank God for her.”

Evan from Belmont “I want to share hope to my mum. She went through a bit of a health issue. She had an aneurysm a few weeks ago and she’s actually going in for open brain surgery. So I wanted to shoutout and say we’re thinking of you mum, praying for you.”

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