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Everyone’s best friend Shannon visited The Breakfast Show in the Radiothon studio today!


Shannon never has a "woah and scramble" moment in the car

Shannon has passed on ‘a genetic gift’ to her three sons. She always has a song stuck in her head and now it seems her boys do too. But Shannon doesn’t have to worry about nasty, crude lyrics bouncing around their young malleable minds because of the consistently, safe “for little-ears” sounds of 98five. It means the world to Shannon.

“98five is always on in the car. It’s consistant. When the car goes on, 98five goes on. So I never have one of those ‘wooahh’ moments where I turn on the car and have to scramble to change it. Then go ‘gee that was inapropriate’ and have to explain some humour to them. When the boys were little they didn’t really listen, but now they actually pay attention to the words of the songs.”

We have heard that over and over from the family. They never have an “ugh-scared-moment” because they trust the positivity-only vibes of 98five. That’s why we’re Perth’s #1 family station!

If you value the safe, positive environment that we cultivate on the airwaves join with us for Radiothon. So that we can be there for you in your cars, for your kids and one day for your kids’ kids too!

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