What’s the silliest thing your kids bicker about?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 10:54 am
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Shannon is in the house! Every Wednesday Kirste’s bestie Shannon joins The Breakfast Show.


In a world of highlights reels and photoshopped Instagram photos, Shannon likes to keep it real. She shares the good and the bad stuff that goes on in her house with three sons to remind us all we’re not perfect parents and that’s ok. Today Shannon took us to destination: Bicker City.

Her kids can’t just talk to each other. They can’t just have a conversation. They have to bicker about everything. Take the other day, for example, Post Malone came on the radio. Do you think they could just chat about what they thought of him? No, it immediately turned into a back-and-forward! One of her boys said that Post Malone has weird hair. Another one disagreed, “it’s his tattoos that are weird not his hair.” (“Who even cares?” Shannon asks.) Then they started discussing what genre he fits into: “Rap”. “No, RnB”. “No, rap”. “Definitely not rap”. They went on and on.

It’s exhausting because it’s always about the most silly, most non-important things. Just yesterday they had a long-winded match about the proper way to peel a banana! Then she gets roped into and she can never win because “oh you always take his side”. So not only do they constantly bicker with each other, but they end up bickering at their mum.

Morro reckons it’s just a boy thing, “they’re just sharing their opinions, that’s just how boys are.”

But Kirste disagrees. “You should hear the stuff my three girls bicker about, ‘who left what where,’ ‘who took my concealer’, ‘you borrowed my favourite undies’. It’s unreal.”

Renee, from Atwell, called up to tell us about her three boys and how they always bicker about the front seat. After implementing the “shotgun rule” and only causing more chaos, Renee’s family have had to invoke a weekly-front-seat schedule.

So Shannon and The Brekky team want to know, what’s the silliest thing your kids have bickered about? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook.

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