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Friday, October 28, 2016 2:23 pm
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Weekly Mornings guest and Shalom House rehabilitation centre founder Peter Lydon-James has posted a heart-felt plea to the WA public to raise awareness about the struggle the centre is currently up against.

The full message reads:

As most people are aware I am facing legal action by the Swan Shire because of the zoning of my properties does not fit the use.

At present the Swan Shire is taking me to the Supreme Court to dispute the zoning of our main residence on Park street and I am about to commence another court action at the SAT (State Administrative Tribunal) for about second property with a third hearing to follow.

What do I do..? Every rehabilitation centre across Perth has a three to four month waiting list for people to enter. I take one out of every twenty people into Shalom who call me and if a person calls me and they are at the bottom of the bottom and I can see that they are ready for change do I turn them away and say sorry we are full…?

I spent 26 years of my life in and out of jails, children’s Homes and institutions and there are many times in my 26 years that I reached out for change but the help was not there at the right time. I can’t turn a person away who is ready because it may be another 10 years before they get back to that point and how many lives will get destroyed over that time.

I think it’s silly for the Shire to spend the money they are fighting against me when that money can be spent on helping people transform their lives. Shalom House is working, its working at restoring the lives of men and their families.

Why when we have an ice epidemic on our hands would you want to fight against something that’s working and taking the ice epidemic full on, it does not make sense especially when that something is working and is not costing the shire, the government, the taxpayer or the community a single cent but in actual fact saving them hundreds of thousands…! Shalom is 100% self funded and runs on the smell of an oily rag, we are not a burden on anyone.

I have offered many times for the Mayor of the City of Swan to come out to our facility in the hope that he would look at it differently but each time he has declined, why? I do not know. To this date the CEO Mike Folley and the Mayor have shown no interest in even sitting down to find a workable solution for all involved, it does not make sense.

What I hope for is that instead of taking me to court and putting all this pressure on myself and Shalom is that they would sit down to discuss where Shalom would best be suited and help us to position ourselves there so that we can continue the work of restoring our community and it’s members.

Would you please support us by SHARING this post and raising awareness to our problem.

Kind regards

Peter P Lyndon-James
CEO/Founder of Shalom House


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