Shalom House employee profiles

Dear Employer,

Thank you for considering employing men from Shalom House, by employing these men you are helping Shalom House in “Restoring the lives of Men and Families in our Community”. Without employers like yourself our job would be so much harder.


Shalom House provides a safe environment for men, who are on a journey of learning to make healthy life choices and prepare to re-enter society. Addiction can change a person’s behaviour, in such ways that it can affect all aspects of a man’s life, including work and relationships. Shalom House is not only committed to changing the lives of the men in the house but also in the restoration of relationships between the parents/spouses/children of each resident.

Rehab treatment centres often carry the stigma that patients are forced to stay. However, this stereotype is untrue, residents at Shalom are free to leave anytime they choose to. One reason for this is that Shalom can only be truly effective when the men are 100 per cent committed to changing their life.

It may seem as an employer counter-intuitive that people whose lives were once dominated by drugs or alcohol could turn around and become a company’s most valuable asset. Yet many of Shalom’s Employers have discovered that giving recovering addicts a second chance at success is so much more than a charitable outreach to a disadvantaged group; it’s good business.

Current Stage Two Shalom House employee profiles


See General information below for contact details

The men of Shalom are:

  • highly motivated to work because employment grants them the opportunity to get their lives back,
  • loyal and committed to an employer willing to give them a chance and help them achieve financial, social and personal stability,
  • less likely to take sick days.

Shalom residents in recovery take an abstinence-based approach, these men won’t be partying on weeknights or binge drinking on the weekend, which often means greater productivity at work and fewer “sick” days spent nursing a hangover or other problems.

At Shalom our men, have embraced principles like honesty, humility and integrity, which serve them well both personally and professionally. Residents in the program also have learned the importance of self-care, which often translates into increased productivity and focus at work.

Employer expectations

As an employer for Shalom House it is not just employing our residents but also providing a safe workplace for our men taking into consideration a safe work environment that includes the following:

  1. That the employer will be prepared to come alongside employee/resident in a positive way that reflects the values of Shalom House.
  2. Coming alongside the worker and taking an interest in his well-being.
  3. Discipling in the workplace
  4. Being conscious and intentional about who you position the worker with other employees within the workplace trying to avoid, drugs, smokers, bad language and alcohol.
  5. Taking them out for a coffee and spending time with the employee.
  6. Praying with them and teaching them about prayer.
  7. Teaching them about forward thinking; saving, planning, etc.
  8. Being relational, showing them they matter.

General information

Shalom House directions employment officer Kevin will send out a text every Friday/Saturday asking employers who requires a worker for the week.

This is ALWAYS on a first-come, first-serve basis.

However, if you require a worker at short notice please contact Kevin on 0477 179 026 or [email protected]

For help or if have any problems or issues or any questions contact: Kevin on the above number.