Two seniors, ages 88 and 102, release their first album

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 9:46 am
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Every Wednesday on The Breakfast Show Kirste shares with The Family one of the most heartwarming stories she’s scrolled past during the week. In this week’s Hidden Gem we meet Alan and Marvin who, at age 102 an 88, released their first album.

Have you ever heard a song on the radio that’s been introduced as “a new track” or maybe something that your kids are listening to and though I just don’t get it, or I just don’t like it. It’s not because we start to hate music or something as we get older, it’s just that new music is usually made by young people for young people. The musicians and bands we like just don’t really release new music anymore.

So Alan R. Tripp, 102, and Marvin Weisbord, 88 decided to make a change, they released an album!

The Senior Soundbook is a collection of 8 brand new songs, with the familiar sound and style that they enjoy.  The tracklist even includes 2 remixes!

“So we’re writing songs that are recognizable. In genres that are recognizable, with lyrics telling stories about what our lives are like now. We’re giving people who are 64 years old a chance to be 14 again and get new songs in their heads.”

You absolutely must give this feature clip a watch and have a listen to Alan, Marvin and their friends telling the story of The Senior Songbook. If you’re wondering what song Alan is singing in the first part of the video, it’s their hit track “I Just Can’t Remember Your Name”. This one is a love song which is probably one of the most popular topics to make music about. However this particular issue might be a bit unfamiliar to those of us under 65.

I know I’m mad about you,
And all but lost without you,
And great affection for you I proclaim.
I’m ready now to kiss you,
But, baby, there’s an issue –
I just can’t remember your name.

Interested in buying the CD? Check it out here.

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