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Emily Dickinson is an associate coach at Novus Global. She joined Jeziel on Classic Drive to talk about self leadership and its importance in the current coronavirus crisis. It’s easy when working from home to lapse in standards. Staying in pyjamas all day, doing the laundry and only answering a couple of phone calls can be easy habits to slip into.

Emily Dickinson stresses that with current events, it’s more important than ever to be disciplined and emphasise self leadership and not let ourselves fall into these habits.

“A crisis is actually the time to practice self-leadership more, not less.”

Self-leadership starts with small practical steps that make an everyday change.

“So in this season, it includes hand washing, avoiding crowds and any precautions given by experts. Some people are kind of being flippant about it and I don’t know that I’d call that self-leadership.”

“It also includes becoming more aware of your inner state and a huge bit of that is self-awareness” says Emily.

Self-reflection involves asking yourself questions on your own conduct and thoughts.

“How am I relating to the whole thing?”

“Am I staying resourceful?”

Setting triggers to reorientate ourselves can be good and practical steps to stay grounded. To set triggers, Emily suggests working with team members or colleagues.

“I’m an external processor, so I really love having a friend to bounce ideas off.”

Emily suggests explaining what you are currently feeling, asking for help in reorienting and asking for advice on what steps will be resourceful for you.

For people that are struggling with issues of self-leadership in the current crisis, Emily is offering free coaching sessions. In these coaching sessions, she will help people reorient and get into a space that is resourceful.

To find these coaching sessions, contact Emily through her website here and enquire to claim the sessions.



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