The secret life of bus drivers

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 2:59 pm
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Leon Piper | Drive producer

Most of us wouldn’t put much thought into our daily commute. For those of us on public transport, we step on and off the bus and forget about it. But what is is like to be in control of the bus?

Each week, our inquisitive kiwi Jeziel chats with someone who works in an interesting profession and this time it was Nicola — professional bus driver.

Nicola shared the details of what it’s like to be in control of a vehicle transporting up to 76 passengers. She also shared some touching stories including one about a young lady whose life was turned around by a single kind gesture from her bus driver:

She said “you don’t remember me do you?” and it turns out earlier this year this young girl didn’t have enough money on her SmartRider to tag on. After a conversation with her my gut feeling said “help this chick out” so I topped up her SmartRider out of my own pocket.

She said to me “you don’t remember that, but that changed my life”. The next day she was able to get to a job interview and she’s now doing her dream job and looking forward to a better future.

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