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Who would, voluntarily, submit themselves to 200 laps of Jacobs Ladder?

Scott Drysdale, that’s who.

Why, Scott why?

For an incredible cause.

Scott Drysdale on air with Mel & Jeziel on The Drive Show
“Diabetes has had a substantial impact in my life over the last couple of years. Both my Dad and Step Dad are type II diabetics. My Dad’s health has been greatly affected by it and it’s something I wish on no one. Over the last year he has serious kidney complications, suffered a heart attack, and has been into hospital twice due to complications from heart failure. There is no doubt that had my Dad taken better care of his diet and exercise, he would not be facing the same health issues he is today. This for me, is the great tragedy of Diabetes. In most cases it’s preventable with the right education and support.”

That’s why tonight Scott is undertaking a 24 hour endurance challenge on Jacob’s Ladder. He’s aiming to complete 200 circuits of the ladder. This is the equivalent of climbing 8000m (nearly the height of Mount Everest).

To read more about Scott’s mission to take on Jacob’s Ladder and to donate to his cause visit the Everyday Hero website or Scott’s Reasonable Adventure Facebook page.

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