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It’s National Science Week, an annual celebration of Science and Technology!

To help celebrate Dr Rina Fu, author or ‘My Mad Scientist Mummy‘, joined Bec and Jeziel to conduct some experiments. Today they learnt about visual illusions, which she described as a ‘magic trick for our brains‘.

Dr Rina asked Jeziel to watch a 60 second clip and focus his eyes on the centre of the screen. As he focused on the centre of the screen, moving concentric circles and contrasting colours providing a motion perception. So when he took his eyes away from the screen the whole room looked like it was flowing! “You know how when it’s a really hot day and you look in the distance and its wavy. That’s what everything looks like.”

“The brain is almost translating what he’s been seeing in that movement. and converting that and projecting that onto the wall and the patterns there…If you look at someone’s face its actually quite funny.”

Have you tried this visual illusion before? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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