School Holidays with Craig Hunter:

Thursday, September 26, 2019 1:38 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Craig Hunter who is the deputy principal from Rehoboth Christian College joins Bec in the studio and they spoke about the upcoming school holidays. We all know that school holidays tend to be the time of the year where we struggle to find activities for our kids.

What maSchool Holidayskes a good holiday with kids?

This is the age old question, “What can I do with my kids during the school holidays?” And as the kids get older, the struggle gets bigger.

Craig told how he took his kids to Bali last year which did cost him lots of money but what else can you do with family except going on holidays? Isn’t there an alternative, “cheaper” way? For example, there is a grandma who helped looked after the kids during the holidays and she gets them to play video games and board games to keep them busy. Parents are feeling the monetary pressure on putting their kids in day care.

But spending some quality time with our kids, such as taking them to a park, going cycling or maybe even going to the beach can help ease this ongoing boredom struggle.

This could be a good challenge for us as parents to do something with our kids whilst spending some quality time with our kids.

As parents we have this inner struggle to entertain our kids constantly but we do not have too. Kids need to learn to be content with themselves and not have to rely on their parents for activities.

Why do we have school holidays?

Holidays are a great way to spend time together as a family and to create memories. These memories will last a lifetime both for the parents and for the children. As parents we need to create memories whenever we can as our kids will remember events or funny stories during that trip or holiday.

What do we do on school holidays?

Holidays are time for connection and being present which can be difficult at times as our lives are busy and we might find it hard to slow down and this can translate onto our kids. They will see us being busy as they grow up and ‘won’t have time’ to spend quality time as a family. However don’t feel the pressure to spend every waking minute keeping them busy or entertained. Day trips or overnight trips can be simple and still be fun. It is better to keep your children engaged and not entertained.

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