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Meet Sam, a young, Perth man in his 20s, destined to live out his greatest artistic pursuits despite his cerebral palsy disability.

Sam Ren can’t walk or write and needs help with most everyday tasks. But does that hold him back from being a painter, writer or filmmaker? Absolutely not.

He is active on social media where he keeps his followers up to date with his creative pursuits. His Youtube channel, Sam Ren Productions, is full of videos documenting his painting processes. He dreams of a gallery opening to showcase his paintings. Sam lives at Sunflower Care Services in Marangaroo and his caregivers are working towards helping him achieve that goal.

Sam has also been selected by ScreenWest to be a part of the SBS Cultural Competence Program. He will receive funding support to undertake training in film production skills including script development, storyboarding, camera, audio production and editing. He, wants to develop and produce stories highlighting the way he views the world. Since Sam has received this funding he has been able to start working on a feature film about his life.


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