Sally Hewitt: Unlock Your Soul

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 2:22 pm
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Sally Hewitt from Aging Gratefully joined Mike on the Weekdays show for a deep discussion on how we can ‘unlock our souls’.

It’s easy to get bogged down with the every day stuff. Before we know it one day runs into the next and life becomes a blur.

Sally explained, “We can become aware of shutting our soul down if we find ourselves in the emotions of shame, regret, guilt, unforgiveness and bitterness. They don’t feed the soul, they are heavy emotions to carry.”

Everyone has suffered circumstances that weigh us down. “We cannot get to our mid-life and not have things that we are carrying with us; traumas from the past, different experiences etc.”

“Sometimes the way that we carry them is what will lock down our soul because it holds us back, we feel like we’ve got this weight behind us.”

So what’s the key? 

“Find out what lights your soul up and do it as much as possible”.- Paul Scanlon

“The space between what we love and the amount of time we spend doing this, is the size of our unhappiness.”

Sally: “I think we all know when we’re in that space, we are filled up. Quite often it’s a creative space or it’s in nature, it’s usually somewhere we’re closest to God.”

Harvesting Pearls

Sally: “There’s always a seed in every sorrow. It’s pulling out and harvesting that pearl so that you find something in that circumstance that will then allow you to carry it differently.”

“From the loss of my husband, (while it will never be ok in my heart that he was taken prematurely) I have learned a deeper compassion, deeper empathy, my relationship with God has deepened. I have found these pearls that I can be grateful for.”

Listen to the whole conversation.

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