Sally Hewitt: Re-thinking Retirement

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 8:07 pm
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Retirement, is it a destination or just another stage of life? Sally Hewitt, (Aging Gratefully) caught up with Mike, and broke down the stigma surrounding retirement.

Dictionary Definition of Retirement: “the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.”

It’s a fairly recent term. Up until the mid 20th Century, people were expected to work the duration of their adult life. There was no nest egg or pension to look forward to when you reached 65. Life-expectancy was also much lower than today, however.

The Federal Government’s introduction of Compulsory Superannuation in 1986 was a further step towards ‘retirement’. It was the start of a national movement, preparing Aussies for the end of their working life. Retirement has become the main “life” focus for many, which begs the question: are we treating it as a final destination?

Sally said “retirement is not the end, it should be treated as a stage in life and a transition.”

For many, retirement means relaxation, planning holidays and buying a caravan to travel around the country. For some though, particularly those whose identity is wrapped-up in their work, the word retirement causes fear. The transition from working full time to living a life of idleness, can be a major shock for retirees.

Sally’s Pointers for shifting the mind-set of retirement (a term Sally says she’d really like to re-name!)

  • It’s a new stage, not the end stage. Be intentional about how you want it to look.
  • Ease into it – You don’t have to stop working (go part-time or casual).
  • Volunteer – You still have purpose and can make a difference.
  • Character Building doesn’t stop at retirement.

A Portfolio Life: “(In Retirement) There’s still so many beautiful components to add to the tapestry of your life.”

Listen to the full conversation below

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