Sally Hewitt: Lessons from Lock Down

Monday, February 8, 2021 6:35 pm
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Sally Hewitt, creator of Aging Gratefully, was Weekdays first guest for the year. Chatting with Mike Crichton in the studio this morning, Sally shared her lessons from last week’s Lock Down.

Sally: “until the (Covid-19) virus is under control we almost need to expect something like this. It’s really important for us to recognise that without being fearful about it…that’s where being grateful really helps.”



“I’ve always been a fairly patient person I’d like to think, but this is taking it to a whole new level.  This is all out of our control and until it is under control we have to go with it.”


“It’s increased my trust because by leaning in and trusting God, it actually enables me to be more patient. That trust gives me a certain amount of gentle expectation that all will be well.”


‘Family time’ has been another point of gratefulness for many people. Sally says, “It’s (lock down) made people more intentional about how they will work (family life) in the future.”

Be Intentional

“There’s always a knock on effect when you make intentional choices around mindset and attitude.”

Want to know more about Sally?

Sally is a long time guest of 98five but if you’re not familiar with her background and Aging Gratefully, click below.

You can also check out her webpage:

To listen to the full interview please check out the Podcast


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