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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile.

Cats and dogs may protect owners from memory loss. Research has discovered that owning a dog or cat, may be linked to slower cognitive decline in older adults. The bond between a person and a pet has health benefits such as decreased blood pressure and stress. “As stress can negatively affect cognitive function, the potential stress-buffering effects of pet ownership could provide a plausible reason for our findings.”

Rwanda is known as the cleanest country in East Africa. But how have they achieved this? A government initiative called, Umuganda. On the last Saturday of each month, everyone volunteers their time to better the country. You will find people cleaning the streets, cutting grass, trimming bushes or repairing public facilities. About 80% of Rwandans take part and their contribution to the country’s development since 2007, has been estimated at more than $60 million!

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