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Jeziel has been let loose at the Perth Royal Show this week.

And he was quick to make friends on Day One.

He met Nigel from City Farmers Animal Nursery (who shares Jeziel’s kiwi-ness), a celebrity dog and a 42-year-old donkey who probably didn’t sign up for this…

It was hard to get him to leave. Future career B?

Jeziel with the animals at Perth Royal Show 2016

But over at the Western Australia Police tent, Sergent Jon Kazandzis was giving Perth Royal Show kids on what it takes to be an officer. So Jeziel was there to take note. Future career C?

And he’s either making friends with the lovely Channel Nine crew (98five community partners)…

Jeziel with Channel Nine 9 hosts at Perth Royal Show 2016

Or he’s planning future career D?

Jeziel at the Channel Nine 9 tent at Perth Royal Show 2016

We’d like to think his Drive Show is his career A…if we can pull him away from this Show at the end of the week Image result for nervous emoji text

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