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We made a new friend today! Robby James visited us in the studio after he sent us a message about his moment of hope.

June is #ShareHope month here at 98five and we’ve been asking The Family What is your moment of hope? This was his reply:

Hi, Thank you for your show, I tune in all the time….. I’ve been through a lot in my life, homelessness, a motorbike accident trauma, drug dependency, assault, mental health issues…. I started praying to God in my despair and my life has taken a positive turn, I’ve gotten clean, I’ve got some really positive supportive people in my life, a successful music career, stable accommodation, building trust and having my family back in my life. I’m so grateful for Jesus in my life and I have a sense of hope that my future will not reflect my past with God’s Love…. I’m really proud of my achievements…. Maybe the family could pray for me, I want to be in a position in the future to selflessly help people less fortunate without expectations. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my story, its healing…. God bless…. 😉

His message spoke to us so much we had to meet him. So we invited him into the studio to perform, and this is what he played for us. It was absolutely hypnotic and everyone in the studio was moved.

Before he signed off, he’s asked for the 98five Family to pray for him, so when you can extend a thought and prayer to our family member Robby.

Listen to Robby James’ tell his story to Mel & Jeziel on The Drive Show.


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