Friday, September 20, 2019
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By: Simone Cathryn

Rated: PG ( Mild themes and coarse language) Recommended for 8 years +

Notes for parents: The coarse language is very mild (quite Australian) so nothing more offensive than “get Stuffed”. The injury scenes might be a bit hard to watch for young children; the storyline suits slightly older kids and adults.

On the one hand, I was apprehensive about seeing this film. I’m not a supporter of horse racing and I actively no longer participate in The Melbourne Cup. On the other hand, I was very excited to see an Australian film being lead by such powerhouse women!
Ultimately Ride Like A Girl is not really about horse racing. Instead it’s a beautiful look at an Australian family struggling to achieve their dreams in the midst of many personal losses and constant barriers.

For those who know Michelle Payne’s story, there is little suspense in the film. Although, first time director Rachel Griffiths managed to weave real footage in with new stunning visual shots to create a sense of excitement and nervousness even when you know what is coming.

One of the aspects I loved in Ride Like A Girl was seeing Michelle and her brother Stevie’s love for horses. And with that, Michelle’s determination to work with the horse and ensure it’s safety even if it meant going against advice on how to win. It was a beautiful, subtle and powerful point. All these small scenes allows, even those of us staunchly against the industry, the ability to enjoy the film and to appreciate Michelle’s journey even more.

Filled with a blend of hilarious, heart wrenching, frustrating, uplifting and powerful moments, all set to the stunning Australian scenery and a killer soundtrack, Ride Like A Girl is a fascinating film to watch.

Ride Like A Girl reminds us all that when girls do something they are passionate about, whatever it is, LIKE A GIRL, it is powerful!

Out in Cinemas around Australia on September 26th and is a great friends night out at the movies or family day during the school holidays.

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