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Western Australia’s most popular TV Personality, Rick Ardon joined us for Radiothon!Rick Ardon

Earlier this year, Rick joined Mike for the Weekdays Father’s Day Panel. They discussed the importance of fathers in children’s lives and their own personal experiences. Rick believes that parenting is more important now than ever. The negativity spread throughout social media can have a bad impact on children if their parents aren’t there to guide them.

“It’s important to have an avenue to let parents know that they are appreciated and formulating the lives and futures of our kids.”

Rick Ardon has been a News Presenter at Channel 7 for over 3 decades, so he has experienced first-hand negativity online. Through lockdowns and working from home people are exposed to articles and stories that cause fear and anxiety. Sometimes there is no place for healthy dialogue where people can discuss their opinions. But 98five is an alternative to the negativity we experience every day. Sharing hope and God’s word across Western Australia.

“You’re basically the only positive no-negativity radio station in town that gives people something to look forward to. In terms of spirituality and belief. Without 98five, I think Perth would be a poorer place.”

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