Review: Side Door BBQ, Highgate

Friday, March 17, 2017 3:58 pm

Inex Palit | 98five blogger

My husband and I were invited by Side Door BBQ to try out their new brunch menu. I had never been there but my cousin raved about the place, especially being a big meat eater.

Side Door BBQ is not a new player in town but their brunch menu has only recently been launched and while I didn’t know what to expect I definitely thought they had a really good price point.

The SDB chilli dog costs $16 and was a giant hot dog. My order came with a side of fries and was really enjoyable. The spicy and cheesy sausage was topped with chilli con carne which was then topped with melted cheese. I was so happy that the cheese didn’t take away all of the heat. In fact, it was quite spicy and I loved the burnt taste to the beans.

Hubby ordered a platter for one and was also shocked when he saw how much food he had on his platter. His platter came with one pork rib, chilli and cheese sausage, pulled brisket, coleslaw and fries.

I really loved the taste of the smoky and stringy pulled brisket. The brisket can be purchased by itself for $11 and definitely will make a great filling for a sandwich. Now I understand why the owner of Side Door BBQ put this dish into his daily staple food. The single platter goes for about $45.

Ness from Perthfoodiegirls ordered the beef short rib. This $30 slab of meat was tender, juicy and the portion was so generous. She couldn’t finish it all so she decided to take it away for dinner. The beef short rib would be such a great comfort food for the coming winter.

The jalapeno poppers packed a lot of heat inside the crispy shell. I had to cut one up just to see the amount of seeds inside. This side dish burnt some people’s tongues. If you’re a keen chilli eater then you need to add this dish to your order.

I always had a soft spot for mac’n’cheese so I asked Hubby to add a side dish to his order and it didn’t disappoint. It was creamy but the macaroni wasn’t too soft. It was a good portion for a side dish and definitely shareable in a group setting.

Another amazing side was the pork belly lollipops that came in five bite-sized pieces. It was really tender and glazed very well. We could go for another bowl easily.

We ended our breakfast with desserts — key lime pie and chocolate brownies. If there was a battle between the two, the winner would be the key lime pie that came with a perfect biscuit base, especially since it was very light and refreshing. It wasn’t too sweet and had a bit of tart-ness to it.

Not only did Side Door BBQ provid us with great food, they had quite a selection of drinks too from cold tea and milkshakes to alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

We really enjoyed our brunch at Side Door BBQ and could imagine a large groups of friends and family sharing their meals there. The price was very competitive and the flavour of the Southern barbecue was enticing.

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