Review: Odyssea, City Beach

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 3:29 pm

Inex Palit | 98five blogger

I had a really great dinner experience at Odyssea last year so I decided to get a group of friends together and treat ourselves to a beautiful lunch one weekend.

The weather was perfect because it was warm and breezy at the same time. The beach looked so tempting when we walked past it on our way to the restaurant.

I almost bumped into Eleanor Hupfer, the owner of Odyssea on my way to my seat. She was carrying a basket full of glorious looking donuts. I thought to myself, I must order one later on. When we were waiting for our food, we could see the queue had become a lot longer. Fortunately we booked online for our indoor table.

Our Fremantle octopus carpaccio was so fresh and delicious. It was a good entree and we also loved the combination of lemon, chilli, garlic, herbs, sesame and crispy capers.

We also ordered a dozen fresh oysters. One was natural and the other one was topped with chardonnay vinegar and chilli jelly. The latter was really refreshing.

One of my girlfriends kept on seeing a lot of tables ordering some potatoes so all of us decided to try a bowl of Odyssea’s famous royal blue potatoes. They were the bomb! The hand cut potatoes tasted like the thicker version of super fresh potato crisps. This dish was served together with porcini salt, parmesan and chives. A definite side to order.

The al-dente house pappardelle from was really yummy. It looked very green when it first arrived on our table but the combination of chilli, cavolo nero (kale), feta, verde EVOO and hazelnuts worked really well together. I’d order this again if I wanted something substantial and light at the same time. There was plenty of black kale in the dish and the portion was quite big as well. My girlfriend couldn’t finish all of the pasta.

Hubby ordered the poached Tasmanian salmon with crispy skin. When it arrived one of my friends said the Chef might have forgotten to put the crispy skin on the salmon so we enquired about it. However, a staff said the skin was crushed into black powders and mixed together with the wood ear mushrooms. This dish made a light lunch and utterly delicious. We loved the addition of Kewpie mayo as well.

The tiger prawns must be one of the customers’ favourite dishes because we saw a lot of people enjoying them. We enjoyed the mini sample during Odyssea’s 1st birthday. It was a pleasant dish with a mixture of chilli sambal, crunchy sprouted bean, coriander salad, lime and chilli dressing. I loved the crispy fried shallot topping on this dish too.

When I saw Dorper Lamb on the menu, I knew exactly what I was going to order. For me, the grass-fed Dorper Lamb talks about high quality meat. The chef tackled this dish with their magic because the meat was very moist, juicy and grilled exactly how the menu described it: medium. The dish was very colourful as well with the addition of sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, shallots and green avocado. If you like your lamb then this dish is a must try.

When the time came to order our dessert, we were looking forward to tasting the beautiful donuts we saw earlier. Unfortunately they sold out so everyone decided on the Tonka bean parfait. The dessert was very beautiful and colourful. The ice cream was sandwiched in between luxurious Valrhona chocolate cookie and surrounded by dehydrated strawberries and fresh berries.

I really liked how Odyssea serves dishes with good portions and seasonal ingredients. The service was superb and attentive, the food was delicious and you will also get an additional bonus of the great view of the Indian Ocean.

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