Resilience in Kids and Bullying

Thursday, February 22, 2018 12:02 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sometimes after we find out our kids are being bullied we think to ourselves “how did I not know that?” or “how did I miss the signs?” and think back to any behavioral factors that could’ve been signs for help. 

It’s rare that a child will come home and openly say “I’m being bullied and it’s so-and-so doing it”. Jodii Maquire from Think! Performance Psychology, outlines some signs of bullying that we might not be aware of to keep in mind:

  • headaches and stomach-aches, after, during or before school, avoidance of school.
  • Grumpy or moody (this comes from internal worrying).
  • Sleep disturbances – can’t sleep or tired in the morning from poor sleep or bad dreams.
  • More quiet than usual.
  • Lost lunch money or lost lunch.
  • Unexplained bumps and bruises, torn uniforms, missing clothing items.
  • Constant friend changing.

It’s very important to be careful of how we phrase our questions if we notice any of these signs. Avoid pointed questions like “why did you lose your lunch money?” or “Why did you tear your shirt?” etc.

Listen to the 5 minute segment below for  all of Jodii’s wisdom on the ideas of resilience and bullying. Or if you have any questions for Jodii submit them below and hopefully we’ll get them answered next time she is on air!

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