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Fitness YouTubers broke a Guinness World Record

Stan Browney and Arjen Albers from the Netherlands broke the world record for the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute. The record was previously held by Roman Sahradyan from Armenia. Arjen made the attempt first and completed 24 pull-ups, followed by Stan who completed 25 pull-ups. 

A crowd was spotted dumpster diving for shoes outside Betts

A crowd of people were spotted dumpster diving outside Betts’ headquarters in Osborne Park, after word spread on social media that there were two big skip bins full of shoes. Betts Group Chief Executive Todd Wilner said the shoes were samples with holes drilled into them and none in pairs. They reached out to charities but were told they only wanted shoes that came in pairs. 

Image from PerthNow

Researchers have discovered that locusts can detect cancer cells

Researchers at Michigan State University have found that locusts can smell the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. This could help create devices that use insect sensory neurons to enable early detection of cancer using the patient’s breath.

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