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98five has played a very special role in Renee’s life. Back in 2010 her husband had been charged for a serious crime and was looking at 15 years in prison. For four months she was travelling nack a forth to the prison to visit him every second day. On every drive to a from, she listened to 98five.

“It gave me the strength to get through each visit. Every Lifeword I heard was the perfect encouragement or the perfect remember that things would be ok.”

In the end, her husband only ended up serving those four months but then, about two years ago, they decided that it was time for their marriage to end.

“And again, just you guys being on the radio every day got me through those days. Giving me that hope that there are people out there going through tough situations and coming through the other side, that I can too. So I had to give back.”

In the last few years Renee’s life has miraculously changed for the better. She’s met a man and is now in a flourishing, healthy relationship and after suffering with infertility issues for 15 years  they’ve been blessed with a beautiful little boy.

Corey, Mike and the whole team here were close to tears as Renee shared her story live on air. At 98five we love to have a bit of banter and have a bit of fun,  but it’s stories like Renee’s that remind us of the true reason we exist. To speak hope and positivity across Perth and beyond.

Have a listen to Renee on air below.


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