A reminder of winter weather

Monday, September 18, 2017 2:08 pm
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After a bit of a warm spell to start spring, it looks like winter may be back with a vengeance. JR, our fearless Weather Ferret gave us all the lowdown on what to expect over the next week.

Sunny Spring

On Friday Perth recorded a maximum temperature of 27.9°C, which was the warmest day since May 8, when the mercury hit 30.8°C. The warmest September day on record is a fair way away though. Three years ago we hit 34.2°C on September 20 2014. That broke the 96 year old record of 32.7°C set in 1918. As it happens, Perth is currently experiencing it’s warmest September for five years. The mean max temperature is currently sitting at 22.0°C. The average maximum temperature for the month is 20.3°C. One year ago today however, the average  maximum was only 18.7°C.

Winter Returns

So far this month, Perth has recorded 25.6mm of rain on 8 rain days. We’re still well below our average for the month to date of 52.4mm. Luckily, the bureau are forecasting a series of cold fronts to reach Perth later this week. We can expect showers Wednesday afternoon and evening, and showers increasing further on Thursday, with the possibility of 5 to 15mm of rain. To top it off, the weekend is also expected to be cool and showery.

Hot hot hot

The hottest place in WA on Friday was Madora, reaching 38.6°C. However, if you happened to find yourself in JR’s weather shed, you’d have been a touch hotter. The mercury peaked at 40.0 inside the Meteorological Mansion. Yesterday was even worse though. Onslow Airport recorded a new September record of 40.7°C. the hottest September day on record in WA was a 43.1°C day recorded at West Roebuck in 2003.

The dams

The dams are on their way up this week. They’re at 42.5%, up 0.3%. Last year they were at just 31.3%. The metro dams are holding 36% more water than they were this time last year.

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