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Jason Headley’s It’s Not About the Nail video is a YouTube hit because it literally hits the nail on (or in its case, ‘in’) the head when it comes to a basic understanding of men versus women psychology in relationships. 

Men go straight to problem solving while women are looking for empathy.


And despite knowing this, we all still seem to find the other’s perspective so foreign at times.

Relationship mentors and founders Brett and Marie Jones have joined 98five’s new Mornings with Mike show to unpack the continuous complexities of human relationships as we struggle to understand each other’s needs and desires.

Cre8 founders Brett and Marie Jones



Podcast: Part 1 and Part 2 with Cre8 founders Brett and Marie Jones on Thursday 2 June

The Jones’ will be chatting about marriage and taking your calls fortnightly on Thursdays from 9am or you  can email with any questions/topics you’d like to hear them discuss.

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