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Relationship expert says couples shouldn’t hang out with people other than their partner.

Relationship coach Jake Maddock believes it is impossible to have a healthy relationship if you are going out with your mates ‘acting single’. Jake said that even though people do it all the time doesn’t mean it is a good idea. “Don’t go out by yourself. Don’t do boys or girls’ nights out – none of that rubbish. What is your partner doing? Sitting at home being sad, being lonely and wondering what you are up to.” He then said that banning your partner from going out isn’t controlling it is necessary for a healthy relationship. “Everyone out here trying to have these PC relationships, it doesn’t work.”

Do you think couples should be able to socialise without their partners?
• 29% said “No. Couples shouldn’t act single!”
• 13% said, “They should be able to go out but not on holidays!”
• 60% said “Yes. People need time without their partner.”

Should people in relationships be able to hang out without their partner? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials then listen to the full chat below!

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