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Our friends at Red Frogs Australia do incredible work supporting young people between 15 and 25 years including attending school leavers each year to hang out with the kids and make sure everyone stays safe. 

Red Frogs know “some parents can feel nervous about their child being away for an extended period of time” so they have some top tips on how you can prepare your kids for leavers’ celebrations.

Red Frogs Top Tips for Parents:

  1. Talk to your child about Leavers Week and how they plan to celebrate
  2. Stock your leaver with a heap of pre-made meals for the week
  3. Do not provide your leaver with any alcohol
  4. If your leaver is over 18, encourage them to buy light beer, not full-strength
  5. Make sure your leaver is stocked with slabs of water
  6. Agree on check-in times and stay in touch during the week to make sure they are OK
  7. Do not call or SMS your leaver while they are driving down south or home again — they don’t need the distraction
  8. Make sure your leaver has the Red Frogs hotline number saved in their phone (1300 557 123) and has downloaded the ‘Red Frogs’ iTunes or Google Play app
  9. Encourage them to call 000 in emergency situations, the official services are here to help

Red Frogs Australia app

Local support services and government safety responses are in place to keep leavers safe over the next few weeks, for more information visit

For young people planning to head to Leavers Week, the Red Frogs team can be contacted 24/7 through their hotline: 1300 557 123 or via the ‘Red Frogs’ app.

Red Frogs WA General Manager Hayden Glass joins Drive with Jeziel each Wednesday to chat more about Leavers Week. Tune in tomorrow from anywhere via our online player.

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