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Leavers 2021 is just around the corner when once again thousands of year 12 students will celebrate the end of high school and exams.Red Frogs

Many of those will be heading to our State’s South West region to attend “The Entertainment Zone”, run by the Baptist Union’s Green Team and the Red Frogs. The Zone is a drug and alcohol-free space where over 9000 leavers can celebrate from the 22nd to the 25th November.

WA Red Frogs Director, Hayden Glass joined Mike to share the amazing work the Red Frog Volunteers will be doing to keep Leavers and the surrounding towns safe. Over 25 000 kilos of Red Frogs are handed out every year, during Leavers celebrations! As a Frogger, you could be handing out Red Frogs in the Zone, playing Beach Cricket to working in the call centre.

“Lots of volunteers, it’s a lot of fun, most people call it the best week of their life, so why don’t you join us in the South West

Want to know how to become a Frogger? You need to be over the age of 18 and not a 2021 Leaver. You need to be available from either Saturday 20th or Monday 22nd November to Friday 26th November.

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