How do we become reconciled with ourselves?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 4:37 pm
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Allan Tranter chats to Kirste & Morro every fortnight about creating community.

“So here we go on reconciliation,  Allan Tranter from Creating Communities says. Remember this is just me speaking. An old dude, pretty decrepit, who thinks a bit and wants people to have the skills, attributes and attitudes that means they live a rich and full life, connected to others in the community.”

Do you know what reconcile means?

To reconcile your “books” means to make sure that two sets of figures are balanced. Reconciliation is about balance. To find a way in which two different situations that are opposed to each other can agree to exist together.

Because it is quite a complicated matter I think it would be good to go on not one reconciliation journey but two. The second will be about reconciliation across our society …

But I want to start from an unusual perspective … because when we speak about reconciliation we usually start by talking or thinking about the fact that the “other” is out of step with me – they have to adapt to me or what I believe. So, I want to start by talking about whether you are reconciled with yourself!

I strongly believe that unless we are reconciled with who we are as a person it is pretty hard to have healthy relationships with others. Let alone be able to work together with those that we see as “different”.

So how do we become reconciled with ourselves?

In our very heart of hearts is a place that holds our deepest beliefs, where we store the juice from which all else emanates. From this “centre” comes the way we think, what our views are, what motivates us, how we treat others, what we say. What will we stand up for, to protect, to advocate for?

If we not have a solid rock to stand upon we’ll be blown around like a piece of used tissue paper, being conned by the latest pollical statement, being shaped by social media.

Know what your values are, know what you stand upon.

If we don’t know what we stand for, we’ll stand for everything and nothing. At one stage our values were based on Judah-Christian principles, not anymore! I’m not sure whether we have a common values base in our society today. It seems to be so much about me, now, fame, money, selfishness. So much of television is about 15 minutes of meaningless fame, same with social media.

Stand for something of great value, stand upon a solid rock. Then you can start your journey of being reconciled with yourself.

Next time we’ll talk about reconciling the two voices inside our heads: the negative shouting monster and the positive whisper.

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