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Is being called ‘random’ a compliment? Corey asked after Kirste remarked that he’s “pretty random, so Corey will probably be pretty good at these random reviews.”

This is about a bold, couragous, purchase Corey recently made: a mustard yellow hoodie.

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Posted by 98.5 Sonshine FM on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The reason Corey chose to highlight his new jumper in this week’s Random Review, is because he has apparently “copped a lot of flack for this jumper.”

“You have no idea how polarising this colour is!” he exclaimed.

He recalled a particularly creative insult that was slung his way after the first time he wore the jumper to his connect group. After the night was finished, one of his friends sent a picture of Colonel Mustard, from the boardgame Cluedo to the group chat that all the connect group members are a part of. He captioned the picture with “Corey, you’ll always roll second in that jumper.” (Because in the game whoever is using the Colonel Mustard piece always rolls second.)

Corey is colonel mustard

Another friend, who we assume said this in total honesty, out of a place of love and friendship, said she can’t stand this colour on Corey – it’s totally unflattering. “So I’m going to wear it around her out of spite,” Corey replied.

None the less, Corey is going to score this mustard hoodie 70/76 mustard jars. The mustard jumper is here to stay, and if that doesn’t cut the mustard, I don’t know what does!


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