Is it possible to raise your kids without yelling?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 12:17 pm
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Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

Is it possible to raise your kids without yelling or hitting them? It seems to be an ongoing argument in the media that has no definitive solution.

Recent studies and articles seem to suggest that parenting has been done wrong for years; that yelling at your child or hitting your kid is a thing of parenting past.


Kirste and Morro, who both believe that there is certainly a time and a place where yelling is appropriate in parenting, posed the age old question to the 98five family, and the results that came back were definitive.

Joining them in studio was Kirste’s friend and parent of 3 young boys, Shannon, and she certainly saw the funny side in caller Simon’s passion:


Here’s some of the messages that lit up the text line:


“I don’t often yell…my kids fear my quiet voice more.”

– Julie from Singleton


“I say yell as long as it’s not verbally abusive, because with 4 boys, they just don’t listen or react with soft speaking mode. I used to feel bad but realised all the yelling is to get them going; teeth brushed, bags packed etc.

– Charmaine from Yanchep


“Many years ago my mum have my brother the wooden spoon only to receive a letter from the school the next day asking him not to attend with a ringworm. Mum had to ring the school to say it was not contagious, it was a wooden spoon!”

– Christine


It’s a discussion that is never going to go away, but we’re happy to voice that parenting isn’t always perfect, and there is no formula to raising a perfect kid. We just encourage that you enjoy the experience, because before you know it, they’ve flown the coop!

What are your thoughts on yelling and hitting your kids

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