Radiothon 2017 Wrap Up Day 3!

Monday, November 27, 2017 4:30 pm

Radiothon 2017 – Voice of Hope Day 3! After a weekend to rest, we’re all back in the office roaring and ready to go! The excitement and anticipation is building as we reach 40% of our target! The tally is currently sitting at $55,623 – a HUGE thank you to every who has donated.

A wrap up video from today & a few highlights from the team.


A story of hope sent to us from one of our listeners.

A few messages from the family.

“Love what you do. The Breaky Show on the way to work and Drive are so much better then other shows on other channels and really make my 40 min each way interesting. Listening to you guys has also helped me stay positive and keep me going after my marriage break up and being a single mum. Thanks” Katherine

“I’m thankful to you guys have put a smile on my face in the morning when this weekends been quite crazy with the death of my cousin, you guys always seem to make me smile love yous and had an awesome day guys.” Samuel


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