Radiothon 2017 Day 1 Wrap Up!

Thursday, November 23, 2017 9:32 pm

Radiothon 2017 – Voice of Hope kicked off with a bang! The tally now sits at $32,363 which means we’re already at 24% of our target!

All day we’ve been sharing our heart, to be your Voice of Hope in this community. To continue sharing the good message, positive songs and inspirational entertainment we need your help! Every contribution goes to writing more stories of hope.

Here’s a few highlights and a wrap up of day 1!

A wrap up video of day 1 from today’s announcers. 

One of the very first testimonies shared with us this morning.

A few messages from listener’s throughout the day.

“When I got here in Australia, I tried to listen to different radio stations but i could not find any radio with positive music and message which I could listen to with my dad without skipping. I was starting to lose my hope until i came across 98.5. Now i listen to this station all the time. Thank you for restoring my hope again.” -Arcado

“Someone must be praying hard at your end. For the last couple of weeks I havent been able to listen to the radio at work and am out of touch with what going on, including this radiothon. I have a savings account that I put $20 per week into for charities when they need it. Next week I will be in Fiji for a week and earlier this morn I was thinking of dipping into this fund for extra spending money. God instantly told me NO, I have a charity for you today! Just as I was wondering which charity god meant I received a txt from 98.5fm saying radiothon has begun. Who ever is praying at your end, keep it up. Its working.” -Marcel

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