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Perth-based husband/wife duo The Supanova Project are set for a big year with the release of their EP Paradise on January 27.

Janelle and Branimir Mikulic have been crafting their electronic, chilled-out beats since 2013 and Paradise sees three years worth of blood, sweat and tears come to fruition in their debut six track EP.

Jeziel Andersen (JA): Let’s talk about the husband/wife duo. A lot of people can’t work with their other half. How have you guys found that?

Branimir Mikulic (BM): (laughs) Look, it’s been great. It’s not that difficult. We’ve got the same synergy when we’re recording and producing music. We work well off each other. I know some people might say it’s not easy working with your spouse but it’s actually worked really well.

Interview: The Supanova Project with Jeziel on Drive

JA: In regards to you guys performing live, it can be harder in the electronic music sphere to create that live atmosphere. How do you go about creating that live buzz?

Janelle Mikulic (JM): I think for us we’ve taken a bit of a hiatus because we’ve been in the recording studio and preparing the Paradise EP so not that’s something we’re working on. How are we going to present this? For us, in the studio it’s all about evoking a certain feeling. We don’t come from a place of ‘how are we going to perform it live?’, we come from the sound and the feeling we want when we are creating the music.

BM: We try and strip it down as best as we can. They say a good song is a song that can be played acoustically so we definitely try and do with our music.


JA: Now the EP is out on January 27. What can we expect from that?

JM: It’s probably been a few years in the making. We’re more than ready now to let it go!

BM: It’s definitely great to do music independently because nobody’s there to push you. We definitely try and do it at our own pace and what feels right so nothing felt forced. We’re going to celebrate the moment of this EP being released as it’s been a long life journey. It’s an emotional album, a very reflective album based on what we’ve been feeling and it’s an inspirational album as well.

JA: The song Take It Over has been tweaked and given a lick of fresh paint. Tell us what you’ve changed on the song?

JM: We’ve freshened up the sound with a bit more of a chilled out vibe to it. We re-recorded the vocals to make it sound fresh.


JA: I hear the EP launch date (January 27) actually comes out on your anniversary. Congratulations!

JM: It’s also out the day after Australia Day so we wanted to package it in with that. We’ve always been about creating an Australian sound and ethos on a global scale. The clip for the Take It Over video was recorded in Broome. It’s all about the landscapes and the beauty of the natural world.

Live Performance: Take It Over (Acoustic) by the Supanova Project

JA: And how was Broome? Lots of flies?

JM: Bull ants everywhere! They were crawling all over us.

BM: I think there was one scene where Janelle was laying on the beach and the Bull Ants were biting her and she kept singing. It was quite funny! Broome was amazing. Just the pink, the orange, the sunsets. It was just another world up there so we were quite lucky to film up there.


You can hear The Supanova Project’s single Take It Over on 98five.

By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

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