Q&A with new Drive host Jeziel Andersen

Monday, May 2, 2016 11:13 am
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By Mike Atkinson

Enter our new Drive host Jeziel. We’ve been given few minutes to sit down with him and ask all the hard hitting questions you need to know before he takes to the airwaves.

A bit of background before we kick off with the rapid questioning.

Raised across the ditch, Jeziel’s radio journey began at community station Central FM as an announcer before dipping his toe into the commercial sector, hosting weekends at The Edge FM, but the role he’s most proud of was an extra in the Yogi Bear movie.

After travelling the world to places as far as Canada, the USA and Samoa, Jeziel’s journey brought him to Perth where he joins 98five.

98five Jeziel

What brought you to 98five?

Short answer, GOD.

What other radio gigs have you done?

I’ve previously worked as announcer for Central FM and The Edge FM as well being their Promotions Manager.

What do you do outside of work time?

When I’m not volunteering as a leader at church I’m on some form of board. Wakeboard, surfboard, freeboard, snowboard, if it’s a board I will jump on it.

If you had to pick three movies to keep you entertained during a flight, which ones would they be and why?

  1. Gladiator – It’s my favourite movie of all time.
  2. Hot fuzz – It has all you need in a movie. Humour, blood and romance.
  3. Titanic – So I can pause it and show everyone that there was enough room for Jack on that massive door.

Describe your perfect Pizza.

One that has no end and heaps of meat …..arrgh drooling.

If you had to pick a song for karaoke which one would it be?

Oooo an instrumental, no matter how bad a person might be, no one desires to hear me try sing. Strictly a shower singer for life.

Are you a summer or winter person?

I pick summer but with snow fall, that happens right?

98five General Manager Bevan Jones said listeners will love Jeziel’s cheeky humour.

“It’s funny how the right people come to 98five at the right time. A couple of months ago a cheeky young Kiwi fella contacted me saying he would love to get back into Christian media. I said we had nothing going at the time but would call him if anything came up.”

“Two months later we called him. We had a really strong final three applicants to take over Drive but Jeziel was amazing. I think our Drive listeners will grow to love him quickly and hopefully Australia don’t lose to NZ in the rugby in the meantime!”

New host Jeziel said he’s excited to bring his upbeat and energetic flavour to the Drive show.

“I’ve always had a thing for talking, much to my teacher’s disgust, so I’m glad I’ve found a place where I can talk for a living.”

“I’m now stoked to be living in beautiful Mandurah and working for 98five and being part of the family.”

You can catch Jeziel every weekday from 3pm on 98five.


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